2018 Dec 16 2018 December 16 Wine

IDAHO PRESS - Potter Wines debuts tasting room in Garden City

Von and Crystal Potter have earned an ardent following since they started selling their Jalapeno Wine Lemonade back in 2012. They have been a constant presence at both Saturday markets in downtown Boise (Capital City Public Market and Boise Farmers Market) and at other events across the valley.

2018 Dec 11 2018 December 11 Idaho Wine Industry


Coming to Boise, my knowledge was limited to potatoes, Basque influence, and nice locals. I had no idea that after four short days, I would have the best doughnut I’ve ever had, ride the front of a white water river raft like a boss, swim against the freezing white water tide until my hands went completely numb, or had wine on the verge of greatness.

2018 Nov 27 2018 November 27 Wine

BOISE dev - New Winery With Jalapeño Focus Opens in Garden City

Looking for something to spice up your wine tasting? Potter Wines has a new tasting room in Garden City that adds a little heat to your glass. Crystal and Von Potter started the business seven years ago, and along the way decided to make something unique: a wine with both grapes and the spicy pepper.