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Dave's Travel Corner - Four Reasons To Visit Idaho Wine Country

When you think of a romantic vacation to wine country, you probably envision a scene of endless vineyards in California, Italy, or France. Those, of course, are the most romantic, and the three most popular wine destinations for Americans. The idea of traveling to Idaho to explore its multiple American Viticultural Areas (AVA) may seem bizarre, but trust me. Exploring the Idaho wine regions will surprise you in the most delightful ways.

2018 Nov 22 2018 November 22 Wine - Try Idaho Wine This Holiday Season

33 Idaho wines were awarded gold medals during a competition in August, and the recent harvest is promising even more. Great wine requires high-quality fruit, and Williamson Winery provides exceptional grapes for eight different Idaho wineries that are helping put Idaho on the winemaking map.

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Idaho Press - In The Vines

The dinner table during the holiday season certainly boasts a hodgepodge of dishes, everything from slow-cooked turkey to roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon to that alien-looking Jello salad that your aunt brings every year.