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Successful Harvest for Idaho Wineries

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Summer Heat, Longer Growing Season Spurs Successful Harvest For Idaho Wineries

 (October 31, 2012)—More than 50 of Idaho’s wineries are celebrating the conclusion of the 2012 harvest season, which featured near-perfect growing conditions that will add more momentum to Idaho’s notoriety for producing great wines. Known as the most critical step in winemaking, harvesting the grapes at the perfect time defines a successful wine season. An early frost or significant rainfall can decimate an entire crop, however the Idaho climate and growing season proved perfect for winemakers across the state. 
     “We are incredibly excited with how successful harvest was this year. Idaho wineries had one of the best seasons in many years thanks to the warm spring and hot summer which allowed us to have a longer season,” explained Moya Shatz Dolsby, Executive Director of the Idaho Wine Commission. “We can’t wait to share the hard work and dedication of our Idaho winemakers with wine lovers here at home and around the globe.”
     According to Melanie Krause, owner of Cinder Wines, “Thanks to the hot temperatures in July and August it allowed Idaho harvest to begin three weeks earlier than last year, putting us in-line with the Snake River Valley 20 year average”. 
     Due to the longer harvest season, the 2012 wines will have more complete phenological ripening, translating into more developed aromas and flavors. As a result, acid levels will be slightly lower than the last two years which will lead to more approachable wines all around. 
     “The wines from this growing season will truly be remarkable, and add even more visibility to Idaho’s wineries and winemakers as some of the best in the region,” continued Shatz Dolsby. “The wines they produce are on par with some of the most flavorful and notable wines available and this season will only add to this legacy.”
     For more information on how to support the Idaho wine industry, please visit or call Executive Director, Moya Shatz Dolsby at 208-332-1538.