Jan 14 January 14 Idaho Wine Industry

Matador Network - The best place to go wine tasting in all 50 states

IT USED TO BE that when people thought about wine tasting, they thought about swirling expensive glasses while snacking on brie in Napa Valley. It was a boujee, sophisticated weekend activity reserved for wealthy couples and the occasional bachelorette party. Now, literally every state in America has a wine region, even Alaska. So while the image of high-class leisure may be a bit diluted, the experience is far more accessible.

Jan 11 January 11 Idaho Wine Industry

Wine Enthusiast - Meet the Women Pioneering Idaho Wine

In a nascent wine industry that includes only 50 or so producers, one fact stands out: Women are not only making some of the state’s best wine, they are also making the majority of it. Here’s a look at four of Idaho’s pioneering female winemakers.