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Keeping up on the wine industry can be a challenge. Whether the stories are local, national or worldwide, our goal is to provide information and articles that effect the Idaho wine industry. If you would like to read more, visit our PRESS AREA. - Worried about wine tasting?


Once more of a hidden gem, Idaho's wine scene has been coming into the spotlight in recent years, and as the industry continues to expand, it can be hard to keep up with it all.

Over the next few months, KBOI 2News, will do our best to catch you up on what's growing on Idaho's vines and what's swirling in the tasting rooms.

Up first? Williamson Vineyards -- one of the area's older wineries, which is tucked away in rural Canyon County.

"We're really excited about how Idaho's wine industry is growing," said Beverly Williamson Mack.

Once you're in the Sunnyslope region, these signs will point you in the right direction. Hopefully. But as long as you end up at a tasting room you're doing it right.